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Our Staff

Ernest W. Willis - MGRM

Mr. Willis began his career at the age of 19. He started in a very small savings and loan in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout the years he was promoted to Vice-President, President, and then Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. He brought this little savings and loan from one and a half million dollars in assets to one and a half BILLION dollar savings institution with eighteen branch offices, one of the states largest, with holdings throughout the United States.
In 1986, after 34 years with this organization, Mr. Willis retired and moved to Florida to begin his own management company. He is undoubtedly the most highly qualified person in property management to handle the financial aspects of your Homeowners Association, Condominiums, Cooperative, or Commercial property ventures.

Thomas M. Magaletta - LCAM and Licenced Real Broker

Tom started in property management 16 years ago for many small and large condominiums and communities. He has been a real estate agent in the area for 16 years. He has had the experience as President a Homeowner Association. Tom makes a fine partner in a growing firm.
With a strong background in understanding the marketplace and managing communities, he has a sincere desire to solve problems for our local delegated Board members. Tom feels comfortable acting for each property and individual as only he can to always gain the best of each sitaution. He is right at home with people of all walks of life and is there for each and everyone.

Our extensive training program insures that our staff is qualified to give you the quality service that we demand for you.

The contractors and subcontractors that we use to service your needs have been screened, tested, proven reliable, adept and trustworthy. They are licensed, bonded, insured. Those who do not live up to our standards are removed from our files.